Posted in November 2013

First Day at Work!

Most organisations, in my view, do not understand the importance of giving a ‘wow’ experience to the employees on their first day at work. Very unfortunate, but TRUE. In my own case, about one in three companies that I had worked for during my three decades of work managed to handle my first at work … Continue reading

Why Cipla is always ‘special’ for me…

The year 1986 is a very important year in my life. For almost three years preceding the year 1986, despite going through several diagnostic tests and tools, Doctors could not establish the cause of my problem – occasional but intense abdominal pain. The pain could be relieved only with medication and rest for a day … Continue reading

Who are you? What are you here?

I joined Cipla as a Medical Representative on the 15th of September 1980 after a series of interviews. After sometime, I received a communication through a post card, asking me to present myself for a Central Training Program in Bombay. The Program’s intent was to provide me with knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and … Continue reading

Life after Life…

I consciously chose the title of my first blog as ‘Life after Life’. For most of us work has virtually become inseparable from life so much so that Work is equal to Life! We are in touch with our work long after we leave our desks through a multitude of devices and tools that ensures … Continue reading