Posted in December 2013

Boss Man or Yes Man or On My own

There are all kinds of people working in organisations. Basis my own experience, I have attempted to categorise people working in organisations into one of the above categories. While I do agree that the work culture and environment makes one to fall into one of the above categories, I am also aware of people who … Continue reading

A very interesting interview…must read..

Just now I read a very interesting interview that was published in knowledge.Wharton. The interview was of the former CEO of Revlon Cosmetics, Mr. Alan Ennis. Mr Ennis has a background in Finance, and was leading Revlon, a company whose products have been targeting women since 1932,when it was founded. A strange combination where a … Continue reading

Speak Up!

The year was 1988. I had just then joined one of the leading FMCG companies as a Territory Sales Manager. In fact I joined the FMCG company after working for about seven years with Cipla. For me it was a shift from Pharma to FMCG, a change that I sought very actively. As I was … Continue reading

Advantages of Disadvantages…

What happens when underdogs face powerful opponents? This is a very interesting and fascinating subject for all us. In fact besides the famous David Vs Goliath biblical story that we have all heard, there are several other cases in history where the proverbial underdogs have defeated their invincible opponents. I have read with tremendous interest … Continue reading