Posted in October 2015

The new ‘smart’ class…

Over the last ten years or so, I am witness to the emergence of a new smart class. This smart class has people that appear to be well educated, own and live in villas and apartments, drive swanky cars, travel frequently, both within India and outside, dress fashionably, have invested in multiple asset classes, use … Continue reading

The ‘F’ word that has to become acceptable!

Well, well, well, I certainly did not intend to highlight the ‘F’ word, made of four letters, that forms part of the “expletives” vocabulary. What I wanted to highlight is the fact that while success is highly celebrated and appreciated, and pursued relentlessly almost by everyone, the role and importance of Failure, and the lessons … Continue reading

Good work gets noticed, always…

The other day, our dear friends, Abhay and Padmaja were at home. While Abhay is a very successful lawyer practising in High court and the Supreme Court, Padmaja, Abhay’s life partner, teaches in a premier school in Noida. They are blessed with two wonderful daughters who are pursuing their interests, making their parents proud of … Continue reading

Why me?

April 10, 1984 is a day that I can never forget in my life. For it was on that day, news of the recovery of the body, and tragic death of my elder brother, Kannan, was delivered. He was just 24 years old when he left this world. My younger brother and I were returning … Continue reading

Are you in Beta mode?

For the first time in my life, I am using the language of techies.. In the world of technology, Beta mode refers to product testing; just before you launch your product in the market place, you give your product to a set of customers to study and use your product. They then give you feedback … Continue reading

Grit is not that important…

I am sure that many of you who read the title of this blog will shake your head in disbelief. I too did the same. For a very long time, we believed, and were led to believe in the importance of grit and perseverance, especially when faced with challenges and adversities.  Almost two decades back, … Continue reading

Why are we so negative….

Just last week I conducted an intro session to a group of about fifty employees of a well known organisation, in Delhi. The intro session is a precursor to the launch of a Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP), the overall objective of which is to bring in positivity amongst the staff through a series of participative … Continue reading