Posted in January 2016

Engineers under-engineer employment :(

I read this news item a couple of days back in Hindustan Times. Am yet to recover from the shock. Disbelief, really. Way back in the seventies, even in the early to mid eighties, if you were a graduate in arts, science or commerce with a first division (above 60%), some decent looks and an … Continue reading

The burden of ‘follow ups’

Bindu and I started on our ShikshaDaan Yatra almost a year ago. The purpose of the Yatra is to meet with our stakeholders in the higher education space, understand their varying needs and challenges, and come up with a model that can meet our ambitious goals.  In these eleven months since we started our Yatra, … Continue reading

The ‘comparison’ poison…

Right from the moment we are born the comparison starts. He is exactly like his father, she is very much like her mom, while the elder one started to speak within a year, this one is yet to, and so on and so forth. Comparisons happen at all times and from so many angles! Never … Continue reading

Air hostesses or hostesses full of airs?

I have been wanting to write this blog for quite sometime but just got the time.  We have a house in Pallikaranai, Chennai. We have ground and first floors, and the first floor was given on rent for sometime over the last few years. For about six months of the last year, we had air … Continue reading