Posted in March 2016

Power of doing what you love to do…

Right from my childhood I had a fascination for water. To be in water precisely.  But the first time I got into water, I got into deep trouble. I was in my fourth standard. While my uncle’s marriage was going on in a marriage hall, I decided to explore the temple tank that was just … Continue reading

You may be biased but you cannot be blind…

Over the last month or so I have been reading on print and social media, and also watching on television debates and discussions about two important happenings – one, students in JNU and the debate about nationalism, sedition etc., and the other, the World Cultural event of The Art of Living Foundation.  What astonishes and … Continue reading

Why ShikshaDaan?

There are NGOs and then there are NGOs in India. In fact according to some estimates, there are anywhere between 2 to 3 million NGOs in India. There seems to be a problem of plenty here. A news item in Times of India in the year 2015  had a compelling point to make – India … Continue reading