5 Reasons Good Deals Get Rejected

Right through my career spanning over more than three decades, I have wondered on several occasions as to why my idea or project or proposal or offer was not accepted. Usually I do a thorough homework before I present anything to anyone and I also review after my presentations as to what went wrong and right. Nevertheless, there were occasions when I could not understand as to why what I offered was not accepted. If I could find a logical answer for the rejection of the offer, I reworked and went back with a revised offer but that also was not accepted. Over a period of time, I understood that there are far more forces at work than what I had assumed for an offer to be accepted, however ideal and valuable that may be for the person or group or the institution on the other side of the table. And these forces at work may be internal or external. Believe you me, in most situations, what you see IS NOT what you get! You need to dig deeply to understand the myriad forces at work before you present your offer. 

The article below from HBR is worthwhile reading, contemplating, and of course, to act upon. 

5 Reasons Good Deals Get Rejected

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