Posted in June 2016

Did you know…

That there are more than 700,000 scholarships valued at ₹ 19000 crores available every year in India? Of the 19000 crores, 9000 crores are from government sources and the rest are from non government sources. If your answer is YES, welcome to the club. We also did not know until we met Ashutosh and Manasvi, … Continue reading

Thomas….you made it..

We first met Thomas when we did the local sightseeing tour in Munnar, Kerala. Manoj, our navigator, took us to the Green Hotel in Chinnakanal owned and run by Thomas, at a distance of about two kms from Club Mahindra where we stayed. We wanted to eat our favorite Kerala food items such as Puttu, … Continue reading

The mango people

I recall that a couple of years back there was a lot of noise on social media and television about the use of the word ‘mango people’ by certain quarters. I searched on Google for the words and one meaning that I got was that it refers to ‘common people’. But the mango people that … Continue reading

A teacher can make a huge difference!

A lot of us keep going back to when we were young and recall how our teachers were role models, and have played a very important role in what we are today.  About a fortnight back, we were driving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad, passing through a village by the name of Partapur that falls on … Continue reading