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The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions

I read the article on the 10/10/10 rule for taking touch decisions,and I have shared the link below. Its different than whatever I have read in the past. Please do read and share your thoughts on what do you think about the article. The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions

Do your homework, every time!

Most of our friends know that in the month of September every year we travel. We invest lots of time not only in identifying the potential place of travel but also research extensively about the places of travel from multiple perspectives. Places of interest, budget for the entire tour, ease of travel to and within … Continue reading

Delhi Police, with you, for you…always…

Not only do they claim but also did it! In our case. On the 25th of April, while we were returning from our meeting with the founding team at buddy4syudy, we were stopped by the Delhi Traffic Police near Arjangarh metro station close to Delhi’s border with Gurgaon, for overspeeding.  The traffic police officer not … Continue reading

Latif, what if…

One of the extraordinary benefits of travelling is that you get to meet people across different sections of the society. From the Principal of a college to a Paanwala. From a teacher to a Taxiwala. From a father, a hand loom weaver who is keen to get his son educated to a Fruitwala. And you … Continue reading

Parental indulgence and it’s serious consequences…

Couple of days back I was watching on television an episode of a Tamil language reality program named ‘Neeya Naana’. The program focuses on socially relevant issues through debate and dialogue with impacted people and domain experts coming in to share their perspectives.  In this particular episode, the topic was on the youngsters riding the … Continue reading