Filed under ShikshaDaan Honestly, I definitely did not expect this routine to be the common factor amongst them… Advertisements Have always believed that there is a direct correlation between education and economic prosperity. This belief is also based on my own case. Have also read a number of articles backed by data to support this correlation. However the author of the article presents a different view on the subject. Please read the article..

Stories that not only impress but also inspire!

I love to read stories. Read stories that not only impress but also inspire me to act. I have read and been inspired by lots of stories….biographies, incidents and events from the lives of great men and women, business stories and histories, from Panchtantra, Aesop’s fables, Vikramaditya, Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman, world of sports….the … Continue reading

Charisma is a skill, not a gift!

It’s the title that attracted my attention! Isn’t it a fact that we have all believed that charisma is a gift, and not the other way around. The moment we think of charismatic leaders and people, we get many names and images – Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Modi, Obama, Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch, Jeff … Continue reading

What is your story?

This is really very interesting. Years back, I had read the article in and in few other blogs the need and importance to have a story, a narrative built around yourself, that beautifully summarises and in a way defines who you are as a brand. This made me think about what would be my … Continue reading

The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions

I read the article on the 10/10/10 rule for taking touch decisions,and I have shared the link below. Its different than whatever I have read in the past. Please do read and share your thoughts on what do you think about the article. The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions