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Very interesting as well as Informative. In fact reading this article made me reflect on the kind of food that I have had through various ages and stages. Including the way food can be ordered and delivered now. Realized that even as I have retained a lot of my eating habits, I have also changed … Continue reading

Do your homework, every time!

Most of our friends know that in the month of September every year we travel. We invest lots of time not only in identifying the potential place of travel but also research extensively about the places of travel from multiple perspectives. Places of interest, budget for the entire tour, ease of travel to and within … Continue reading

Latif, what if…

One of the extraordinary benefits of travelling is that you get to meet people across different sections of the society. From the Principal of a college to a Paanwala. From a teacher to a Taxiwala. From a father, a hand loom weaver who is keen to get his son educated to a Fruitwala. And you … Continue reading

Did you know…

That there are more than 700,000 scholarships valued at ₹ 19000 crores available every year in India? Of the 19000 crores, 9000 crores are from government sources and the rest are from non government sources. If your answer is YES, welcome to the club. We also did not know until we met Ashutosh and Manasvi, … Continue reading

Thomas….you made it..

We first met Thomas when we did the local sightseeing tour in Munnar, Kerala. Manoj, our navigator, took us to the Green Hotel in Chinnakanal owned and run by Thomas, at a distance of about two kms from Club Mahindra where we stayed. We wanted to eat our favorite Kerala food items such as Puttu, … Continue reading

Servant, not Slave…

Last Sunday, we were returning from our trip to Manali. It was a long and exhausting drive because of the bad roads and heavy traffic. Whenever we travel by the Delhi – Chandigarh route, we always stop at Ahuja No.1, the famous dhaba at Murthal. We stopped this time too for an early dinner. It … Continue reading