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What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

Bindu and I set up ShikshaDaan Foundation in the year 2012. The next three years sort of went away as we got to get various registrations, approvals and exemptions from the Government. Also, we wanted to study the higher education space in detail and come up with a unique value delivery model that truly delivers … Continue reading

medium.com/the-polymath-project/rethinking-education-c8754b3d77b4 Have always believed that there is a direct correlation between education and economic prosperity. This belief is also based on my own case. Have also read a number of articles backed by data to support this correlation. However the author of the article presents a different view on the subject. Please read the article..

Parental Terrorism…

Have been thinking about this topic for sometime now. For a number of reasons. Personal experience, those of my near and dear ones, and of course, what I see and hear on media. Almost every day. I know that I may face flak for choosing this topic but I have to. Am fine with the … Continue reading

Shopping therapy to Soul therapy…

Yesterday Bindu and I went to the Phoenix City Mall in Velachery, Chennai. After a long time, for a change, we went with a clear intent to shop. We have been going through a bit of a challenging phase in Chennai for the last three weeks. Our beloved Skoda Yeti got submerged upto the dashboard … Continue reading

The new ‘smart’ class…

Over the last ten years or so, I am witness to the emergence of a new smart class. This smart class has people that appear to be well educated, own and live in villas and apartments, drive swanky cars, travel frequently, both within India and outside, dress fashionably, have invested in multiple asset classes, use … Continue reading